Providing 360° care to all crops is our mission

June 15, 2020
Fertiglobal's aim is to reinforce and nurture crops for their best development

While traditional agriculture aims at protecting plants with use of agrochemicals against the most common diseases,
at FertiGlobal we aim at protecting crops against a much wider range of issues, which by the way includes agrochemicals themselves.
In fact, standard fungicides have proven to be less and less effective, polluting soils and crops.

At FertiGlobal, “protecting plants” means so much more! Our aim is to reinforce and nurture crops for their best development.

🌱 Protection means supporting plants right from their germination, ensuring the development of an adequate plant stand;

🌿 it means following plants along their entire lifecycle, providing them with all the nutrients they need at any stage of their growth;

🌧❄️☀️ naturally boosting plants resilience to protect them from external stress conditions:

👨🏼‍🌾 …and finally, it means growing high quality fruits and ensuring the highest yield results to farmers worldwide!