Agriculture is one of the primary engines of India’s economy

June 8, 2020
we keep on #sowingforthefuture together in India

Agriculture is one of the primary engines of India’s economy.
This huge subcontinent is home to a multitude of diverse cultivations: rice, corn, cotton, tropical fruits, soy, just to name a few.

Meet Tanveer, our Indian Area Manager responsible for business development in the region.
Together with our technical expert Rajesh, Tanveer travels all around the country to provide professional support to all our partners and clients.
They usually organize their work trips based on the different crop seasons. Traveling 15 days a month they meet actual and potential new customers.

The presence on field of highly qualified specialists is essential to provide an expert consultancy to partners and farmers.
Being able to follow step by step the results they achieve thanks to our Crop Management programs is definitely the greatest satisfaction for Tanveer, Rajesh and all our local teams around the world! 🙌🏽